AT HOME WITH Ellie steafel

To celebrate the launch of our *new* coasters, we've teamed up with features writer and columnist for the Daily Telegraph, Ellie Steafel, to bring you the yummiest Frozen Jalapeño Margs recipe there is.

After years ofhuntingdown the very best dinners in London, hosting friends and family around her kitchen table, as well as more official Supper Clubs, Ellie has perfected the art of Friday feasting. This cocktail recipe is a little insight into her cookbook, suitable named The Art Of Friday Night Dinner - a collection of both food and cocktail recipes, hosting top tips and and insider intel on how to nail a cosy night in. We hope you love recreating this margarita at home.

Frozen Jalapeño Margs - Serves 4


300ml tequila 

150ml triple sec

 200ml freshly squeezed lime juice (about 8-10 limes) 

2 tablespoons simple sugar syrup

 lots of ice

 20g brined jalapeños, finely chopped


Put the tequila, triple sec, lime juice and sugar syrup in a blender. Top with ice and blend to a smooth slush. Add the jalapeños and use a long spoon to mix them through the slushy. Pour straight into glasses and serve immediately.