About us

Amuse La Bouche is a small homeware label founded in 2020, designed and based in London.

Initially known for our circus stripes and ruffle napkins we now offer a larger range of unique and inspiring textiles.  

We only use natural fabrics and we use 100% linen in every product as it contains both natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is therefore good at keeping bacteria at bay.
It’s also great for interiors because it does not attract or gather dust particles – so less cleaning is needed to maintain it. It's also very durable and prevents the fibres from being worn away too quickly, again, meaning less maintenance.
We make our products in small quantities with artisan suppliers abroad as well as collaborating with craftsmen in the UK.
All of our packaging is recyclable.
Our design ethos revolves around products that last beyond seasonal trends, along with the use of high-quality materials and our aim is that every ALB product will be loved for many years!
As a small independent brand, achieving true sustainability in all areas of our business is inevitably a work in progress. We know there will always be more to do, in light of this any feedback you have we are most grateful to receive, as well as suggestions on how we can improve and change the course of retail.